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Our platform makes it easy to organize domain names. It's perfect for owners of big and small portfolios wanting to control, search, appraise, and export domains to marketplaces with keeping track of changes.

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Free and easy-to-use web app

Import your data in bulk

You can use the bulk imports feature to import and update your domains.

  • X Import domain names

    Import your domains to Namesmaster by using export files from your domain registrars.

  • X Import tags and prices

    Label your domain names with tags to use them for searching and filtering. Import prices, if you have already appraised your domains.

  • X Import acquisition dates

    Set past, and even future domain acquisition dates (for example, for auctions).

Import Bulk Data

Use convenient method for appraisal of your domains

If you have unused domains, they could be worth money. To start selling domain names, the first thing you need is to set the prices.

  • X Set Minimum Offer (MIN) price

    Set a minimum amount a buyer can offer you for the domain name.

  • X Set Buy It Now (BIN) price

    Set an amount a buyer can immediately purchase the domain name for.

  • X Create a Tier pricing automatically

    With this feature, the tiers will be presented clearly in the Price Tier column of a table.

Domain Pricing

Track price changes you've made

Namesmaster pricing gives you price history for your domain names, so you can track price changes and see what domains changed price.

Price History

Create and use tags

You can use tags to label your domain names. After you add tags, you can use them for searching and filtering to help you stay organized while working in Namesmaster.

Enter the name for a new tag and it will automatically be created for your domain.

Tags for Domains

Optionally, create a tags schema

  • X Get warned if your tags don't match the defined tags schema

    If you don't want to have, for example, the tag afternic with brandbucket:listed, the schema helps you.

  • X Detect tags conflicts before they are committed

    Tags schema helps you keep your tags in order before you trying to commit conflicts.

  • X Resolve tags conflicts after they are committed

    Tired of resolving conflicts before they are commited? Don't worry! First commit, and then resolve conflicts by changing tags for domains filtered.

Tags Schema

View current tags and pricing usage

The Tags Usage tab lets you easily see tags usage for your domains.

Pricing usage gives you visibility what you could charge for domains.

Tags Usage

Export domain names

You can use filters to organize your domains list before exporting. Export your domain names to a file to help with the tasks:
  • X Creating a backup of your domains

    Backup your domains with ease to a CSV file.

  • X Adding domains on the domain marketplaces

    Sell domains quickly and easily on Afternic and DAN with the price you've assigned on Namesmaster.

Exporting Domain Names

The organization of information actually creates new information.

— Richard Saul Wurman